getaxfig - fixes faulty EPS files exported by ApplixGraphics


getaxfig axps dest [ width height ]

where axps is the filename of an ApplixGraphics exported EPS file (like relative to ~/axhome/ and dest is the filename of the desired destination file (like figure.eps) relative to the current directory. width and height are sizes like 1in or 2.5cm (default is cm); they are converted to the BoundingBox of the output file. Usually, getaxfig determines these numbers by scanning the input file.


To produce an EPS figure with ApplixGraphics that can be included in LaTeX documents:

Make sure you are using only Type1 fonts. I don't know about TrueType; they may or may not work...

Print into a file; usually ApplixGraphics suggests ~/axhome/

When printing, use exactly the paper size you need for the figure (e.g., 2x3 inches). Set the margins to zero width.

Call getaxfig as shown above.

Standard call:

getaxfig fig1.eps

This tries to extract the width/height from file. To specify the width/height (centimeters by default):

getaxfig fig2.eps 5 8

getaxfig fig2.eps 5in 8in

getaxfig can be retrieved from any CPAN mirror or from